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RT Nominee for Historical Romance of the year!

I am so excited to announce that SINS OF A VIRGIN has been nominated as one of RT's Best Historical Romances of the Year! It's such an honor. And I'm so thrilled to be in a category with such fabulous authors!

Final Cover for Sins of A Virgin
Avon, Aug. 28, 2012
To the world, Madeline Valdan is a scandalous courtesan, with society's most eligible gentleman at her feet. But no one knows her shocking secret: she has never experienced the most intimate touch of any man. So she astonishes the ton by telling them the truth...and announcing the auction of her virginity to the highest bidder.
Handsome and disciplined, Gabriel Huntford knows his time is best spent hunting down criminals from the darkest corners of London. As a Bow Street Runner investigating his sister's death, he has no desire to join London's strutting peacocks in this competition when there are more important tasks at hand. Now, his quest leads him to one of Madeline's "suitors", so she agrees to help this sinful woman. But what begins as a business arrangement quickly turns to something more...and love blooms with a passion neither one expected.

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The Sinners Trio: A new series coming soon!


At the beginning of the Napoleonic War, three exceptional youth are plucked from the gallows. In exchange for their lives, they agree to hone and employ their chosen skills in the name of His Majesty’s government.

La Petit—a woman so beautiful she can coax any man to her bed in an hour and the secrets from his heart in a night.

The Cipher—a man who remembers every number he’s encountered and unravels patterns and codes at a glance.

The Wraith—a man who discovers the location of something he wants, then retrieves it. The question is not if he will get what he desires, but when.

Throughout the war, the Trio cut an unstoppable swath through England's enemies.

But now the war is over. The Trio is a liability.

With a bluff appreciation and a pat on the back, they are returned to London and cut loose.

But they will soon find out their adventures are only just beginning.

Sins of a Virgin, Aug. 2012

Sins of a Ruthless Rogue, April 2013

Sins of a Wicked Princess, Oct. 2013

A Most Naked Solution, June 26, 2012

I'm so excited to have the final cover for my June e-novella, A Most Naked Solution! Find out what happens to Sophia Harding (Bennett's sister from A Secret in Her Kiss )
Check back for exclusive previews and information on upcoming giveaways!
A Secret in Her Kiss is now on sale!

A Secret in Her Kiss is now on sale! Thanks everyone for the kind words!
I've been amazed at all the help and support I have been getting since with my release. Thank you for making it more amazing than I ever could have dreamed!
A Secret in Her Kiss en Espanol!

I'm excited to announce the foreign sale of A Secret in Her Kiss to Ediciones B, one of the best publishers in Spain!
Stay tuned for more info!
Passion and Prose 2012 Conference

I'm excited to be one of the featured authors at the 2012 Passion & Prose Conference in Long Beach, CA. Come join me for some fabulous food and fun with your favorite romance authors and benefit a great cause!

Passion & Prose is a daylong conference specially designed for romance readers and the writers who love them. The 2012 inaugural event features bestselling authors Meg Cabot, Christina Dodd, and Gail Carriger, among the fabulous 50 romance authors in attendance.
Young to Publishing Group's take on Romance

An interesting summary of a meeting that discusses trends and changes in the romance genre. It includes a mention of A SECRET IN HER KISS! Some Like It Hot: A Love Affair With the Romance Market.

Here's the quote: "New locations are also starting to appear in historical romances, moving from the traditional England and France to unique places such as Constantinople (the setting for Anna Randol’s A Secret in Her Kiss, coming from Avon in February 2012)." Thanks for the mention!
You may address me as Your Grace...

I'm excited to announce that I will be "heating up history" with other fabulous historical authors at our new historical romance blog, Join us for tea and the latest on-dits on Wed. mornings 9 a.m. PST on Twitter at #Dashing.
We will be posting scadalous interviews, fascinating history, and outrageous giveaways! Join us!
Just received my ARCs!

Almost official! Today I received several copies of my debut, A SECRET IN HER KISS. These are Advance Reader Copies that Avon sends to reviewers, bloggers, booksellers ect. So while this might not exactly be the final version, it's the first time I've held a printed, bound copy of my book. So cool!

Final Cover!


I have a final cover! Thanks to the Avon Art Department for this fabulous cover. It is breathtaking! And I so want her jewelry…

All About Romance


A Secret in Her kiss was highlighted in an article on All about Romance. While I hope you read it because you love it, take a peek and support unusual historical romance! Read this article...

Sara MacLean Review


A Secret in Her Kiss has its first Goodreads review. See what Sarah MacLean thinks about it. Read review.